You Can Help the Environment by Recycling More

Recycling metal prices

A typical individual throws out more than four pounds of garbage daily and approximately one and half tons solid trash on a yearly basis. What makes this statistic even more disconcerting is that more than three quarters of our garbage can in fact be reused. Less than a third of it actually is recycled.

That’s not surprising, however, when you consider that every 60 minutes 25 million bottles made of plastic are discarded improperly in the trash. There are about 46,000 articles of plastic in every square mile in the oceans. And what’s more, 500 years can pass before plastic breaks down.

If this concerns you, it may make sense for you to contact plastic recycling companies and other waste disposal companies that specialize in conscientious waste management services. Not only does the practice of reusing materials conserve energy, it is much healthier for our environment.

Aluminum, plastic, paper, and glass are the most frequent recyclables that can be taken care of by waste companies. Aluminum in particular can be reused an unlimited number of times.

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