Women and CNC Machining Why This Industry is an Excellent Career Path For Women

Threaded shanks

Rosie the riveter would be proud of what modern day women have accomplished, as well as the integral role they play in the male-dominated field of CNC machining. Thanks to the sacrifices, dedication, and hard work of women from past generations, today’s Renaissance women have truly revolutionized the CNC industry, changing it for the better.

During World War I and II, Americans made a lot sacrifices. Between rationing and drafts that tore families apart, the unsung heroes of the war are the mothers, sisters, and wives who stayed behind and held down the fort. Due to the shortage of male factor workers that were called upon to go to war, women were called upon to get the job done.

While many were skeptical of their ability, the CNC machining industry had no choice but to rely on a mostly female workforce in order to meet the continued demand for goods, especially those needed to support the war efforts. Unsurprisingly, the women turned out to be excellent workers, and quickly learned how to effectively use the best precision cutting tools, such as aluminum cutting tools, threaded shank cutting tools and mill cutting saws with expertise.

After the war, many women were forced to return to their roles as housewives, however, they made a lasting impression. Fast forward to today, and thousands of women are still employed — and still using aluminum cutting tools — in the male-dominated field of CNC machining. The only difference is that now, women are viewed as equals to their male counterparts and are shown the same respect.

The CNC machining industry provides women with a rewarding and stable career path that allows them to support themselves and their families. Did you know that CNC machinists earn salaries that are comparable — if not more — than college graduates? By enrolling in a CNC machining trade program, women can literally learn the tools of the trade, and go onto lead successful careers in the industry. For more information see this. Get more here.

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