Why Motivating Your Sales Team Will Pay Off In Spades

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With sales team turnover averaging 40% a year, it’s no wonder it seems like you’re spending all your time entrenched in the hiring process. But with a happy and qualified sales team, you’ll be able to hang on to your best employees, and won’t have to find sales people to replace those you’ve lost. But how do you keep them happy, envisioning for themselves a career in sales, rather than just a job?

  • Start right away – The hiring process can be exhausting, and finding the right person for your company can be difficult. Sales recruiters are often your best bet, to find you the best candidate. When the new employee arrives for their first day, you should make it a point to be enthusiastic and welcoming. You want them to come in excited to work for your company, and feeling like they are already an appreciated and respected member of the team.

  • Keep them motivated – If your employees feel like they’re doing the same old thing, day after day, for nothing, they’re not going to be happy, and they will not be inspired to continue a career in sales. Closing a sale is always a bit of a motivation in itself, but a good sales rep makes a lot of sales; what’s to keep them excited?
  • Make each sale a big deal – Each sale is good for your company, and while it’s impossible to recognize every single sale individually, do your best to recognize sales reps for certain outstanding achievements. The best sales jobs are those where the sales manager is able to connect with his sales team.
  • Create incentives – Make your sales team want to be their very best. You need to light a fire under them, giving them a reason to try just that much harder. Even recognizing exceptional work can be an incentive. Post sales achievements such as highest dollar amount, greatest quantity of sales, or greatest increase in sales, around the office, which will give your sales reps the opportunity to show off in front of their colleagues.
  • Make it worth their while – If you have the means of rewarding your sales team for their work, even better. Holiday bonuses, gift cards, or even the offer of pizza for lunch will go a very long way to boost your sales team’s motivation.

A career in sales can be very fulfilling, but it’s the job of the sales manager to help keep the team happy, motivated, and performing at their very best. There are over 22 million sales professionals in North America, so make sure your team is made up of the very best. Links like this: www.salesforcesearch.com

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