Three Cool Types of Custom Signs that Will Make Your Business More Visible

Exterior business signs

There is a huge focus in advertising these days on the digital realm and how you can use it to market your business, but this can cause business owners to neglect one of the most important part of their image — their brick and mortar store. Even if people find your business online, they still need to find it on the street. When they do, your store still needs to be attractive enough for them to want to come inside, and an important part of doing that is to use signs. Here are a few types of custom signs that will upgrade your business’s street appeal.

LED signs
One of the most common types of signs that businesses use are LED signs. LED stands for light emitting diode, and is comprised of a number of light producing elements. Custom LED signs are typically one of three types: dot matrix, seven segment, and light bar. The combinations of colors and designs for these are practically endless.

Channel letter signs
Channel letter signs are very common for businesses and feature three dimensional letters that are usually illuminated for easier viewing. When it comes to these bigger can be better, since one inch usually equates to ten feet of viewing distance. The bigger your sign is, the farther away people are going to be able to view it.

Projecting blade signs
Projecting blade signs are the last popular custom signs for businesses that we’ll discuss here. These are flat, two sided signs that can be attached to the side of your business so passersby can see it as they move down the street. A projecting blade sign can be attached to the front of your business or even from the corner of a building for optimal visibility.

Making sure your business is visible and recognizable is a problem with a pretty simple solution. Other types of advertising these days can take special knowledge or skills, but pretty much anyone can design a sign. Do you use any other types of signs to help advertise your business? Let us know in the comments.

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