The Growing Demand for Specialty Freight Services

Freight transportation is integral to the effective functioning of multiple industries throughout the globe. Currently, there are almost 12 million locomotives, rail cars, trucks, and vessels that move various goods over the global transportation network. While the types of commodities being transported do vary by industry sector, the most valuable ones being moved include electronics, machinery, and motorized vehicles.

During 2013, for example, the trucking industry alone transported almost 15 billion tons of cargo. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that this amount is projected to rise to as much as 18.79 billion tons by 2040. This points to the increasing value of the trucking industry within the overall transportation network.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported on the per-ton monetary worth of the freight being transported. In 2007, for example, it was valued at $882.00 per ton. By 2040, however, the per-ton worth is expected to increase to $1,377.00. While there are a variety of reasons for this projection, supply and demand is usually at the top of the list.

The United States’ retail industry has been undergoing a considerable amount of change. This is due in part to the increased presence of E-commerce. Currently, the revenue for this mode of shopping amounts to approximately $423.3 billion a year. Given the growing number of individuals, businesses, and other enterprises that are purchasing items online, combined with the reduced delivery time promised by some E-commerce-based companies, less-than-truckload deliveries have become more common.

Specialty freight services are usually necessary for a variety of products, parts, and machinery. This includes pharmaceuticals, technological devices, and aircraft parts. An aerospace logistics definition, for example, involves ensuring that all the parts and equipment required to maintain various types of aircraft are available when needed. Since expedited freight is often requested to ensure that aircraft are well-maintained, this is also part of the aerospace logistics definition.

When your company requires specialty freight services, such as expedited, overweight, or less-than-truckload shipping, you can learn more when you contact a representative. Since transporting your products in a timely manner is integral to the smooth functioning of your business, you want to employ a reliable freight transportation company to perform this service. This is also an important key to creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your clients and customers.

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