Strengthen Your Brand In 2018 Try These Five Useful Tips Toward Improving Your In-Store Sign Presence

Sometimes all your customers need is a sign.

In fact, one of the most reliable and affordable ways to strengthen your brand is by changing signage in and around your store of choice. Not only does this help new customers find your place of business, it helps them feel more comfortable with the message you’re trying to send. Are you an eco-friendly brand looking to save them some trouble on choosing products? Maybe you have some new sales that could really brighten their week and you’re desperate not to let this information pass them by. Whatever last minute promotions or merchandising solutions need a touch-up, a good sign will bridge the gap.

Strenghten your brand this year. Learn about five useful additions you can make to your marketing strategy.

In-Store Purchasing Decisions Are More Common Than You Realize

The foundation of any good physical store lies not in the biggest purchase, but the impulse buy. Recent studies have found shoppers to make as much as 80% of their purchase decisions in-store. Additional data suggests anywhere from six to 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse buys, to boot. After all, some customers aren’t sure what they need until they see it. You can strengthen your brand presence by keeping your signs easy-to-read, attractive and constantly showing off what you got.

Signs Help Direct New Customers To Your Store

Signs aren’t just there to get customers pulling out their wallet. They’re also useful for helping customers find your store in the first place. An interesting study conducted by Best Buy found nearly 20% of respondents stating they walked in because they noticed a sign. Signs are communication and without them many customers would walk right by. Grocery store signage, real estate signage…they’re all designed to reach out to people and, in turn, be reached out in turn.

Retail Price Tags And Custom Signs Enhance The Customer Experience

Does your store feel welcoming? Is it constantly communicating a steady stream of limited-edition specials, useful deals and smart pricing? Your wholesale retail price tags function as a stream of conversation to each and every customer, telling them what they need to know without coming off as overbearing. One study found nearly 70% of American consumers stating they made a purchase because a sign caught their eye as they were browsing. As much as 95% of all retail sales will take place within the confines of a physical store, as well.

Good Signage Can Save You Money In The Long-Term

Yes, a better ad sign solution can even save you some money. Marketing takes on many forms in this digital age, with some solutions more effective than others depending on your business. The physical store benefits greatly from a well-placed outdoor sign and billboard presence. It also needs to use retail price tag software to rotate pricing and specials around the store as needed. A study provided by Brigham Young University found merchandise that was visibly priced outsold merchandise without a price by 20%.

Never Fail To Promote Your Limited-Edition Specials

Last, but not least, you can strengthen your brand by being a little more assertive about your special deals. Customers love to feel involved in their business of choice and what better way to reward their loyalty than with deals that can save them money? Over 50% of retailers today recognize the importance of responding quickly to the pricing of their competitors. Another study by Marketing Support Inc. saw one-third of consumers making a sizable impulse buy every week. All you have to do is a little basic math to find out where your brand signage falls into place.

Give your customers a sign. Strengthen your brand by helping them help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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