Some Basic Ideas About Using Images

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Looking at trends and practices in social media over the past year, it’s clear to see that images are calling the shots. The jury is in, and it appears we are a culture of people that learn visually.
Basically this means that we extract more information from viewing images than we do from reading text, and it’s probably the single-most important thing to be remembered when it comes to choosing the best internet marketing techniques. Here are some basic ideas about incorporating imagery for good web design the best internet marketing.
Get Their Attention
With all of the content floating around out there begging for peoples’ limited attention, what ends up happening is that viewers are more inclined to skim than ever before. Dense pockets of text turn people off, if only because they’re time consuming to read and everyone is trying to absorb as much information as possible is the shortest span. By supplementing text with images, however, you convey some of your most important ideas and might get viewers to read more of the accompanying text than otherwise.
Increased Understanding
Superior text is usually plenty convincing, but using periodic images to break the text into user-friendly chunks, you allow them time to digest ideas while using the images to reinforce your main points. This is a particularly useful strategy when dealing with any step-by-step explanations/processes, etc.
Colorful Ideas
Well placed images bring your ideas to life and give them a potentially vibrant, colorful moment that people can actually enjoy looking at. We sarcastically joke about lazy people refusing to read and instead, “looking at all the pretty pictures,” but there’s actually a lot of truth in it.
Maximize SEO
You best internet marketing strategy and corresponding small business web design will naturally involve SEO techniques, and using images with the appropriate “alt” and “meta” tags can actually help. Properly labeling the images will help Google better index your content, as will hashtags.
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