Should You Buy Natural Stone Directly From Suppliers?

Architectural stone

When people are renovating their homes, nearly 93% choose to add natural stone slabs for the countertops. Natural stone also makes a great flooring option, as does ceramic slabs. There are advantages to either, although the buying process is similar. Here are a few things to know when purchasing architectural stone for home renovation projects.

What Should the Novice Know Before Buying Slabs for Flooring?

If you decide to go with natural stone for your kitchen project, finding a good supplier is a top concern. For ceramic, the main concern is finding a good professional to lay the tile. The end goal with either choice is to have an even, smooth floor.

Natural Stone Slabs For Sale: Ask These Questions of the Dealer.

Natural stone is a durable, environmentally friendly material that is often used in hotels. Hotels use natural stone features because it is a rustic, welcoming material, but also because they are advertising their eco-friendliness. This makes sense, as as much as 81% of travelers feel green practices are important.

When looking at natural stone slabs for sale, finding a dealer you trust is important. There are a few key factors that will indicate which sellers are quality dealers, and which are not. A few such factors to look for are:

    Do They Belong to a Trade Association?

    Do They Listen to Your Requirements and Offer Good Guidance?

    Do They Have a Direct Line to the Quarry?

What to Look For In Natural Stone Slabs For Sale.

The supplier will offer good advice. Some of this advice must address the fact that stone is a natural material, and as such will be imperfect. Small imperfections are normal. Chips, dents, and different thicknesses are not normal. They are instead a sign of two things: a rough transit ride, and a lack of quality control.

Good quality control would be tiles with an even thickness. If the tiles were not close to the same thickness, the technician will have trouble creating a smooth floor. Some might be willing to work with slightly uneven tiles, but most professionals will add an extra charge for the extra time it will take.

How to Care For Natural Stone Slab Floors.

Once that stone tile is laid, it’s important to care for it properly. Natural stone cannot be cared for the same way an aluminum floor can be treated. This means that the cleanser used matters. Gentle, natural cleansers are best. Clean stone tiles once a week with a soft cloth. Always wipe up excessive water or moisture to prevent mildew. Lastly, seal the stone before heavy usage, preferably just after it is first laid.

Good natural stone can be a beautiful, eco-friendly material to add to any home. To find a great deal on quality stone, first find a good dealer. This is done by asking the right questions. Next, have the tiles laid carefully after inspecting them for uniformity of size, not pattern. Stone is natural, not perfect. Finally, care for your natural stone by using gentle cleansing products. The result will be a lovely, smooth floor that will last a long time.

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