Shipping Woes And Possible Fixes

Shipping products that travel great distances require handling as well as packaging that can withstand the exchange of hands. UPS, for example, can handle as many as 15.8 million packages on any given day. Imagine a product shipped in a box with poor adhesive label tape; what if it was labeled with special directions? Or safety precautions? That might cause some legal troubles.

Shipping products also requires a heavy degree of organization, especially considering billions of parcels are passed from hand to hand every year, like in 2016 when 65 billion were shipped all over the globe. Even something as simple as assorted color coding labels can direct the flow of parcels, turning a hectic shipping process into a streamlines experience. This can couple well with removable colored tape. Do you have certain packages that need organized in certain locations? Use removable colored tape. However, it should be noted that a backup process should be considered in lieu of removable colored tape since color blindness has been known to affect one out of 12 men and one out of 200 women.

In the United States, factories collective made goods that were worth around $5.3 trillion during the year of 2016. This means that for every product made, it needs a label that is not going to fall off during its travel. In comes label protectors to the rescue! They can come in all shapes and sizes; heavy duty label protectors and even clear glossy label protectors. They add an extra layer of a label that is of utmost importance, like the product’s destination.

And if you are looking for something that makes an individual think twice before opening, apply a tamper evident tape. This tape cannot be repaired which means if an individual decides to do some snooping, you will know. It also doubles as protection for yourself. Sensitive information is often sealed with tamper evident tape and if an individual has intent to harm by doing something illegal with your parcel, you will know to avoid receiving said parcel. In fact, under the federal statute labeled “18 USC Section 1702,” it is illegal to open any parcel that is addressed to an individual that is not you. Do not get so nervous though! Sometimes mail gets mixed and you make the mistake of opening another person’s mail, this is a viable defense and can wave the law. Anyone can make that genuine mistake.

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