Peace of Mind Out at Sea

Offshore support vessel

It may seem like a lofty dream to drift across a crystal sea on a luxurious ship with the sun shining down on the deck as you sip a fruity drink and try to spot whales and dolphins. But more and more people are taking vacations on cruise ships, and such trips are becoming more and more accessible. In 2011, more than 19 million people went on cruises and poured nearly $30 billion into the tourism industry. Cruising is a popular and delightful way to vacation.

Providing for millions of sea-goers
With all of those people looking to get away onto the great deep blue sea, there is a lot to think about from a business standpoint of making sure that all of those people are properly cared for. Provisioning is essential, particularly on a cruise ship that serves thousands of meals at every single seating. Crew members have to eat too, remember, so it’s not just the paying customers that are counted. Every head, be it passenger or crew, must be accounted for, and provided for. On average, all of the people on one ship will consume approximately 20,000 pounds of beef, 8,000 gallons of ice cream, 28,000 eggs, and 18,000 slices of pizza. That is a lot of food to have on hand, and that’s just one week!

Stocking up for smooth sailing
Usually a ship embarking on a cruise with thousands of people on board will stock up at the home port. But depending on the destination and duration of the trip, the crew may need to stock up at other ports as well. There are often special arrangements with particular suppliers at ports of call if necessary. And it’s not just food that must be considered. All of those people are traveling on a great big floating machine, and in order to keep it afloat, mechanics and engineers need to keep a close eye on all the intricate inner-workings of the floating beast. This is where is is helpful for them to know of several spare part supply companies wherever the ship goes. While the ship will be in tip-top shape at the port of embarkation, it’s best to be prepared for any scenario, or at least know where to go for cruise vessel parts and equipment, and which marine spare parts suppliers are reliable and trustworthy. Being in the know for spare part supply to ensure the quality of all vessel parts will keep all the passengers and crew safe for the duration of the trip.

A fully functional, fully stocked cruise ship can provide a smooth and pleasant journey for its temporary inhabitants. But rest assured if you are embarking, even if the crew finds themselves in need of anything, they will be able to find a spare part supply company that will keep the seas feeling calm and enjoyable.

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