Online Videos Quickly Becoming Most Effective Advertising Tool

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Online videos are powerful tools, especially for advertising purposes in the business or retail arena. In fact, video advertising is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers, instead of the traditional display advertising of the past. In fact, in a recent study from BrightRoll that surveyed the 150 top advertising executives, 91% feel that online ads is either equally or more effective than traditional advertising methods. 75% feel that it?s a better advertising tool than TV, while 68% think it?s even better than social media!

So why are video ads becoming such a fantastic advertising tool? Because so many people are exposed to them each day. Take YouTube for example. YouTube has nearly 4 billion video views each day! An estimated 1 billion people regularly use YouTube. Compared to other U.S. cable networks, YouTube reaches more 18-34 years olds than any other network, while YouTube?s mobile app reaches more 18-49 year olds.

These unique ads are also making an impact because they can reach about 54% of the population close to 121 times in one month! Of all the internet users every day, 100 million of them regularly watch online videos every day. And according to the Online Publishers Association, 80% internet users have watched an ad on a website, and 46% of those people actually took some type of action after watching the ad.

So for companies looking for new, more effective ways to advertise, they should embrace video ads and offer v training to their employees. Individual media training, as well as group media training, would go a long way in making sure that businesses are able to fully harness the potential and power of video ads. Similarly, investing in videographers and professional storytellers to create video content would go a long way in ensuring the continued success of the business.

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