Looking for Meaningful Employment? Consider a Non Profit Job

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Using a temp agency can be frustrating if you are looking for a certain type of work, such as in the non profit sector. Jobs at non profit organizations can be tough to break in to, as they generally like to hire people who already have experience. A temp agency that deals exclusively with non profit staffing can be very helpful, and typically can even place people on a temp-to-hire track.

A non profit employment agency should have full access to social media recruitment, as this has been found to improve candidate quality 49% over traditional recruiting methods. LinkedIn seems to have the best record over Facebook or Twitter, with 89% of recruiters reporting having used it to find job candidates. Almost all recruiters use social media to find candidates, even non profit employment agencies.

There is a long cultural history in this country of giving to charitable organizations to support education, basic needs, arts and health care, and corporate foundations gave $50.9 billion in 2012. In addition to this, 72% of total giving came from individuals. This type of charity extends to volunteer work, and for anyone who enjoys volunteering, they should look into jobs at non profit organizations.

An impressive statistic is that 71% of all US workers are either actively looking for a job or open to a new job, even if they are currently employed. This implies a possible dissatisfaction or at least openness to change in the American job market. It is interesting that so many people who are employed are either actively looking or at least open to a new job, though it is unknown if this spans all industries. Jobs at non profit organizations can be very rewarding, as you are actively helping people are seeing results. This type of satisfying experience could help employees to feel more valuable and less likely to be looking for other employment opportunities.

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