Help Those In Need By Donating These 3 Household Items

The best charities to donate to

Giving to charity is one of the greatest things you can do to support your fellow human. In 2014, the total amount given to charity organizations totaled $358.38 billion, and it looks like that trend is going to continue. Although it’s a common misconception that people can only make clothing donations in order to help, simple household donations can also be great for struggling individuals.

Household donations are extremely important for many people who are less fortunate. Charity organizations work with people who can’t afford certain items that many people take for granted, so household donations can truly go a long way and help someone tremendously. Here is a short list of household items, in addition to clothing, that can be used as charitable donations to help those in need.


Reading can help improve anyone’s life. Those who are less fortunate don’t have the luxury to be able to purchase items that can be used recreationally because they have to focus all their energy and use all of their money for essentials. Donating used books will help expand someone’s mind and give them knowledge that they otherwise would’ve never had a chance to learn. Even if they aren’t the most educational of books, that’s completely fine, too. Any kind of book will allow the person reading it to lose themselves in the story and they’ll actually enjoy plenty of health benefits as well. Reading has been shown to improve a person’s cognitive brain strength and memory.

Kitchen Goods

Donating kitchen goods is a great way to help out struggling individuals and families as well because they might not possess all those items, or at least as many of those items, as you do. If you have an excess of plates, bowls, coffee mugs, glasses, pots and pans, silverware, or any other kind of kitchen item, you will certainly be helping a lot by donating them to charity.


Have your kids finally grown up and stopped playing with their toys? It’s certainly hard to give up those toys because they have sentimental and nostalgic value, but you will undoubtedly feel much better about yourself once you donate them. Rather than keeping these toys cooped up in your basement or attic, give them to charity and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are going to a child who is less fortunate and those specific toys will cause that child to smile.

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