Have a Project? Here’s What You Can Expect from Cutting Tool Manufacturer Inventories

Boring inserts

When it comes to CNC tool holders, having the right part is key to finishing any kind of manufacturing job. For CNC machinery users in need of reliable tools for boring, threading, milling, and other tasks, it is imperative to choose a cutting tool manufacturer that provides top quality cutting tools that will work easily with any machine. Because CNC tooling can vary so much according to the machine’s separate functions, knowing which cutting tools are necessary is the first step in using a machine.

For those searching cutting tool manufacturers, including those located in the United States, here are some common cutting tools you will find in their inventory, including information on what each piece is used for.

Boring tools: Boring is the process by which a large hole is drilled through a preexisting hole in any type of material. In this case, the first hole is already drilled or cast, and the boring tool is used to increase the hole’s size; a good example of this is in the drilling of a gun barrel. Boring tools may be used either on a multi-use machine, such as a lathe or milling machine, or it may belong to a machine that specializes in boring.

Threading: Threading tools are used to create a screw thread on any kind of material. Good examples of this kind of threading are found on screws and on plumbing-related pipes. There are several methods for creating threading on a material, but with cutting tools the primary method tends to be subtractive. The threading process is sometimes referred to as tap and die for the “female” or nut created through tapping and the “male” or bolt made from a die.

Milling: Milling, which is one of the most commonly used processes in machining, is used for cutting objects into precise shapes and sizes. Milling tools are used to remove material from a particular object when they are used in a milling machine or other milling device. Milling machines can create anything from small, individual parts to large-scale and heavy-duty productions.

Other cutting tools: Cutting tool manufacturers can create cutting tools for any purpose needed for production. Reaming tools used in metalworking are another commonly used cutting tools. Additionally, many lathe machines rely on both roughing and finishing products, so it’s important to select a tool of the right size and for the right purpose when attaching it to a machine.

If you have questions about the products your project requires, be sure to contact a manufacturer to explore your options. Have questions? Leave a comment below.

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