Four Facts about Southern Growers

Farming and green lawns are as ubiquitous in the South as peaches and camellias. Even though agriculture is an ancient practice, Kubota dealers can tell you that modern advancements in the sector are changing the ways farmers do business. Here are a few facts about the size and scope of southern growing, and how recent innovations are launching tractors and mowers into the twenty first century.

Americans Grow a Lot of Acreage

Ninety nine percent of American farms are family-owned, and another 90% of Americans prefer a home surrounded by lawns or greenery. Alabama alone has over 40,000 farms, each averaging over 200 acres, with nearly 600,000 Alabamians working in the agricultural sector. Likewise, Georgia has over 1 million acres of grass. No wonder Georgia has come to be known as “The Empire State.”

That Acreage Needs to be Mowed Often

Southern grass and agriculture grows like no other. In Georgia, grass can grow over six inches every week. All that growth translates into hours spent mowing: the average Southerner mows their lawn every week or every other week. Professionals who manage golf courses or other manicured grounds may even mow lawns every day to maintain the required one to one and one quarter inch length.

Maintaining the Green has Never Been Easy

Lawns and agricultural spaces have existed for eons, but in ancient times, a grass lawn was also a pasture area. Modern lawn mowers and tractors didn’t exist in their current form until the 19th century, when inventors tried to create portable “steam engines” to maintain sports fields.

Kubota is One of the Earliest and Most Trusted

Kubota has been producing quality agricultural products since the 1890s, and the Kubota zero turn mower is one of the most highly rated. Kubota produces nearly one hundred diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines, meaning that there’s a design to meet any need.

Talking to a trusted Kubota dealer about a mower package or tractor package deal can be a great way to find the perfect mower for the job. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is with a high quality product that is designed to last.

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