Expedited Trucking The Money Your Business Could Be Saving On Transportation Expenditures

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Transportation undercuts much of what we do. Without it many would be without the tools and resources they need to conduct business, meet with people or even survive. Pharmaceuticals transportation is an entire field devoted to making sure sensitive cargo reaches the intended source as securely and safely as possible. No manufacturer should be without the knowledge required to make the most out of their product, even if it’s something as simple as looking into an eco-friendly option or saving money on industrial machinery parts. Is it possible to save money and maintain the high standards customers andbusinesses expect?

With modern advancements, anything is possible.

The transportation network of today looks quite different compared to just a few decades back. Not only do we have more options than ever before, we’re able to deliver smarter, faster and better. To gain a better picture of what we take for granted in the modern day, a glance at history can shed some extra light. The very first railroad was built all the way in the early 1800’s. The first highway interstate system was pioneered by Eisenhower in what’s known as the Federal Aid Highway Act Of 1956.

Trade shows are held all across the country at convention centers to show off all the ways pharmaceuticals transportation (and related methods) are changing. As of 2016 there were an estimated 252 convention centers. California and Florida still boast the largest number with 40 combined locations. Trade show logistics display only the most up-to-date changes your business can expect to take advantage of. Back in 2013 trucking transported a collective 15 billion tons of cargo, ranging from products to materials, and the Bureau Of Labor Statistics believes this number will rise to 18 billion in just three decades.

As of today just over 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, vessels and air carriers move goods from place-to-place. According to studies provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly six million commercial vehicles operate throughout the country. The LTL market is still estimated at an impressive $35 billion and, as of recent years, the American e-commerce revenue is steadily climbing past $420 billion. Overall, carriers are slowly but surely having to adjust to these ongoing changes in the retail industry and the new demands being brought to the table.

Freight has its own particular standards due to its ability to carry much larger and heavier loads. The three most valuable commodities currently moved by American freight transportation measures are electronics, vehicles and machinery, though just like any other method of transportation it has few limits as to what it can transfer. The U.S. Department Of Transportation determined the value of freight as increasing from $880 per ton to $1,300 per tone over the course of a few decades. By the time 2040 comes around, prices are expected to nearly double.

Pharmaceuticals transportation relies on unique forms of packaging to maintain the quality of its sensitive cargo. Pill bottles, for example, need to be affixed with child safety seals to avoid the risk of an accident. Liquids are frequently put in bags for easy opening and dispensing. Additional information, such as dates and identification numbers, make transportation more effective than it’s ever been. Spending in the American logistics and transportation industry exceeded $1 trillion back in 2015 and, as of now, represent up to 8% of gross domestic product.

To be cost-efficient is to seek out options that make sure you don’t waste all your hard work. Thanks to expedited freight services, safe packaging and smart transportation options will only get better from here.

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