You Need to Try This Quirky Minecraft Mod – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

There are plenty of Minecraft mods that can be unusual. There are some that are hilarious and some are weird, and a few fall somewhere between. If you have server and want to add these mods, they are enjoyable to play with friends. An Minecraft server hosting firm is happy to help you connect to a new server. This video will teach you how to make use of some of these special mods. A particular mod stands out from other mods.

Everyone must check out Luggage, an original Minecraft mod. While it is lacking in the content it makes up in its character. It introduces a novel type of chest called luggage. This isn’t just a regular chest. It is alive. It’ll follow you wherever you go like a loyal buddy. In addition, it can pick up the items that you’ve dropped or misplaced. Although the chest only has limited storage, it can really be upgraded by striking it with a bolt lightning. The bolt of lightning can happen either by mere chance or you can employ a trident to summon a bolt of lightning.


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