You Haven’t Made the Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags?

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Reusable bags are about more than just going green, they’re about status. Some shoppers wield rough canvas totes, some opt for book bags, some go double duty and sport a polyester bag with the logo of their favorite charity. No matter what you choose to carry your groceries home in, one thing is clear: you don’t want it to be paper or plastic. Here’s why:
Cut Your Consumption
You know how you feel when you see a single person at the movie theatre with an extra large popcorn? If you are still using paper or plastic bags, there is a good chance that that is how others view you. It takes about 12 million barrels of oil to produce the 100 billion plastic bags that Americans use every year. That kind of consumption looks as irresponsible as a large popcorn. Even if you are part of the 90% of Americans who reuse the bags, it’s simply not enough. Truly environmentally friendly bags or eco friendly totes are made of more substantial material.
Up Your Style
Let’s face it: reusable bags can be super cute! Shopping bag design has come a long way. Custom printed bags can help you sport your favorite sports team, charity or even your child’s school. Reusable bags are often more than a statement of your love for the environment. They are usually also a statement of your love for a wide range of organizations that offer these bags as free swag.
Benefit from Better Function
That’s right. Shopping bag design isn’t just for looking flashy. Many reusable bags are also much more functional. First of all, they break much less frequently. They also have pockets to seperate items and come in a variety of sizes.
So, whether you make the switch for function, style or to avoid ridicule, the most important thing is that you do it quickly!

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