Why You Need a Soundproofed Space in Your Office

Increasingly, we are understanding that the open office plan is the best. Since humans first began working in an office setting, we have been constantly adjusting in an attempt to get the best efficiency out of office work that we possibly can. We’ve tried fully closed off offices. We tried office cubicles. We’ve tried working from home. And most recently, we have tried the open office solution.

All the designs have their pros and cons, and the newest design may improve upon the flaws of the previous one, but it always opens up all of its own new flaws. One of the problems with the open office plan is that ploys are faced with constant distractions and stress.

What Do Employees Need?

What most employees need is the ability to concentrate and do their work. Whether it’s a private phone booth for office use, a soundproof office booth to get a bit of work done, or an entirely soundproofed office room, there are some important benefits to providing that private phone booth for office use.

  • Soundproofing lowers work errors. People make fewer mistakes when they’re not distracted, and studies have shown that providing soundproof office booth or private phone booth for office use gives employees a place to work where they will make 10% fewer errors.
  • Soundproofing leads to less stress. One of the most stressful things about the open office plan is hearing and seeing everything that’s going on around you. When you’re trying to work, two other employees are on a break and chatting. When you’re trying to work, somebody else is tapping their pen on their desk while they think. When you’re trying to work, someone else’s keyboard is clicking away at a million miles an hour. All of these are enormous stressors in building a soundproof area reduces the stress of your employees by 27%.
  • Soundproofing increases concentration. Most tests show that soundproofing and office space can improve a worker’s ability to concentrate by 48%. Perhaps this is because soundproofing gets rid of 51% of those conversational distractions that so often keep you from being able to think.

What Does Your Office Need?

Soundproofing is not just about what, but it’s also about what the entire office and business needs. Even if you’re not involved in international espionage, you definitely need a private place where people can hold a conversation with another person or over the phone. You need a place where you can talk to an employee about a difficult subject without involving the entire office. You need a place where an employee can talk to their spouse over an emergency at home with a bit of privacy. All of these things improve the functionality and efficiency of your office space.

How to Soundproof an Office Room?

There are a lot of possibilities if you’re looking to build a phone booth or soundproof booth. In fact, you can choose to soundproof all the rooms! But at the least, you’ll want a private phone booth for office use. Here are the things you’ll need to find out:

  1. The exact dimensions of the area you want to turn into a private phone boot for office use.
  2. You’ll also need to know whether you have drop ceilings and what’s above them.
  3. You’ll need to count all the doors and windows leading into the room soundproofed.
  4. Find out where the most noise is coming from, whether that’s from outside or from a nearby room.
  5. Identify whether you have any holes between the room you one soundproofed and other parts of the office. These could be as simple as holes to run a cable or wire.
  6. If you do have drop ceilings, find out whether the walls go all the way up to the actual ceiling or whether they stop where the drop ceiling begins.

Once you have all of this information, you’re ready to talk to soundproofing experts and get a quote for how much is going to cost to make that private phone booth for office use. Once you do that, you are on your way providing a space that will improve office efficiency and worker satisfaction across the board.


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