Why Tungsten Products Are So Strong

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Here’s a bit of trivia: what metal is more than twice as dense than steel, has a melting point of over 6,000 Fahrenheit, and has been around since at least 1781? If you guessed Tungsten, you’re right! As you can probably tell by the description, tungsten products are known for their ability to withstand high heats and their overall durability. Below are three of the most common tungsten products used today:

1. Tungsten Rod – Because of tungstens ability to withstand extremely high heat, it can be used in products that require quite of bit of force and heat like guns, airplanes, rockets, and even some ships. These rods are used as heat conductors and are incredibly trustworthy due to their sturdiness. It is easy to see why manufacturers all around the world choose to purchase tungsten materials for their processes.

2. Tungsten Crucible – Another use for tungsten is as a crucible which is essentially a type of container that is used for melting down other elements like glass and metals. Again, tungsten can be used this way because of its ability to withstand temperatures of over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can probably imagine, melting down metals and other elements in a crucible can be dangerous and should only be performed by professionals wearing the correct protective equipment.

3. Tungsten Electrodes – Tungsten electrodes are typically used in welding. Professional welders use a variety of sizes and types of electrodes depending on the type of metal they are working with. The use of tungsten electrodes is a popular choice for welders working with aluminium alloys. If you are curious about the various types of tungsten electrodes that are available to use as welder it might be worth your time to make a quick phone call or do an online search.

Tungsten is a fascinating element. Not only can it withstand incredibly high temperatures, but it is more dense than steel and can only appear naturally when combined with the mineral forms of calcium, iron or manganese. Tungsten products are durable and are great options for your manufacturing processes. Whether you are using tungsten rods in the building of an airplane, tungsten crucibles to melt down metals, or tungsten electrodes to weld aluminium alloys, your products will be stronger because of it.

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