Why Pennbarry Fans are Trusted By Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Pennbarry commercial

Proper air circulation is critical in a number of businesses like restaurants, schools, warehouses, and hospitals. Many of these industries need equipment that is guaranteed to work right the first time and continue to work for years to come. Pennbarry produces some the industry’s leading centrifugal and axial fans, meeting the needs of commercial and industrial companies.

Freezer Units

Restaurants and grocers alike need a way to keep products cool constantly; naturally a commercial cooler or freezer is one way to provide for this. Basic units can keep products at a below-freezing temperature constantly, but they use up a lot of energy and require frequent maintence to ensure they are operating effectively. Pennbarry commercial fans come with energy efficient options that can save nearly $200 per fan yearly when employed in a two-fan walk-in freezer unit. Electronically commutated (ECM) fans are some of the most popular energy-saving options.

Exhaust Systems

Proper ventilation in the right places can help a business cut down on heating and cooling costs while providing customers and employees with fresh air. General utility fans are often roof-mounted units that have the inlet and outlet 90 degrees from each other to prevent crossing the intake and outtake. Bathrooms ought to always be equipped to the exhaust system and outfitted with a specialized fan; take the volume of the room and divide the number by five to determine the minimum size bathroom exhaust fan you will need. Properly maintaining your ventilation system can reduce the need to replace fans, it is recommended that restaurants have their exhaust systems cleaned once per three months at least.

Cooling and Heating

Keeping employees and customers in comfort is the priority of many businesses. Having the latest heating and cooling systems supplemented with quality Pennbarry fans can help reduce costs while maximizing efficiency. Expert suggest easing back on cooling by just three degrees to trim costs by up to 15%; fans can then help distribute the air and keep cooling costs down. Hospitals and similar environments use laminar fans to circulate air up to 300 times in a single hour. When it comes to your business’ needs, try the brand that industries trust most: Pennbarry fans.

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