Why Natural Gas Makes Sense

Commercial fuel oil

Commercial natural gas is a major industry in the United States and is expanding its reach as the years go by. Each year, we discover something new about natural gas, where it comes from, and how to harness that commercial natural gas for the benefit of everyone including the Planet.

Natural gas has enjoyed the tremendous growth of late as part of the global energy mix. Natural gas makes up roughly 21% of primary fuel consumed around the world.

Natural gas produces less than half of the CO2 emissions of coal when it is being burned. Regarding other particulates and emissions, it emits far fewer of them, as well. When natural gas is burned to heat homes it releases up to 30% less CO2 than oil and almost 50% less that coal. It is very clear to see the data that commercial natural gas is very beneficial while at the same time being most efficient.

Fuels that come from natural gas supply are being converted to be used in ways that scientists have been developing for decades. With fuel oil prices on the rise, commercial natural gas came onto the scene and changed the way the fuel industry did business.

Natural gas has been servicing the home heating industry, the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as servicing schools, supermarkets and factories, for many years. In an average home, a house will use 196 cubic feet of natural gas.

What has been developed in the relatively recent years is the liquefying of natural gas. This liquefying of natural gas has made it possible for cars and trucks to travel with fantastic gas mileage at a lower price.

Liquefied natural gas, or simply LNG, is a converted natural gas that was made so by cooling the gas to -260 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result of this practice, the gas loses its volume by a factor of more than 600. It is transferred to this condition so that it first may travel well. If LNG is going to be used to heat homes and businesses, it can be turned back into its gaseous form after being stored as a liquid.

You might be starting to notice trucks like UPS delivery trucks or certain city buses that are being fueled by natural gas. They are getting fantastic gas mileage and great engine efficiency. As more passenger cars begin to come out, offering an easy fill-up and some amazing gas mileage, consumers very well might see their way clear to investing in such a car.

So very much is being spent both in business and at home on fuel prices, specifically for our vehicles. Natural gas seems to be heading straight into the direction of our future. It is abundant, easy to make available, and helps us all reduce the pressure on our planet. Those all seem like mighty good reasons to give just a little look to the natural gas industry.

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