Why is Event Insurance so Important? – Life Insurance Videos

It is possible that you are wondering whether you need event planner insurance in case of events such as graduations or weddings. The worst thing that can happen is your event. An individual could suffer injury, someone could accidentally damage property at the venue, or the unexpected event could prompt you to abandon the party.

We’ll go back to the beginning. We’ll look at the meaning of event insurance. Event insurance is a general liability insurance over the basic, and most likely, a site will require a one-million dollar policy of coverage. Some events might require that add coverage to different aspects of the occasion, such as insurance for third party damages and liquor liability insurance. The location itself could have insurance coverage, but your own event insurance company may require you to use this as a third party damage policy to ensure that your needs are covered.

The first step is to contact your agent immediately if you have a claim. It is typical for insurance to cost between 100-200 dollars per day. While it may sound costly yet, it’s really an affordable price when you look at how much protection you get.


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