Why Final Drive and Travel Motors Are a Big Deal

Your valued gear should have the finest components as well. Why skimp on motors and throttle the potential and lifetime of your equipment? Using high quality caterpillar final drive travel motors can save you a whole lot of stress when it comes to your equipment. It was estimated that 809,000 construction machines were sold globally in 2017, making this type of equipment a big commodity. It goes without saying that this valuable type of machinery needs a proper motor in order to get the job done. There are many types of caterpillars and excavators, from compact to full size. No matter the size or use, this machinery needs good motors to support these machines that can weight from 3,700 to 188,000 pounds. Not only can this equipment be large, but sometimes are used to dig up to 32 feet into the ground. Not just any motor can accomplish that.

Caterpillar final drive travel motors are different than any other motor. Travel motors have a lot to do with the way your equipment moves, powering it’s wheels or tracks. This type of motor separates movement from other hydraulic components of the machine. This is all part of a system called final drive. The caterpillar final drive travel motor, hydraulic components, and other gear are all combined in order to form the final drive.

Once you get your caterpillar final drive travel motor installed to your machinery, you’ll need to know how to take care of it as well. How often do you remember to check and change the oil in your car? Well, you’ll need to take extra care with a travel motor. Depending on how much you use the equipment, you’ll need to check the oil every month, or every 100 hours of use. At the least, the oil should be changed every year. It is well known that a well maintained machine will last as long as it should, and if you are careless about your equipment, you will find that it may give out on you sooner than expected. No matter how high quality your machine or motors are, maintenance will still be needed

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