When insulating your home, should spray foam be one of your top considerations?

Your home or business is one of the most important places that you will encounter in your lifetime. If you are lucky enough to make any of the building decisions when it comes to how your home or business dwelling will be constructed than you probably have a mountain of choices in front of you to make. Before you go picking out those color schemes or finding those chairs that you’ve seen in your head since you were young, take a step back and remember that you have a million of other very important decisions that will have to be decided on first. One of those very important decisions is deciding how to insulate your home. Considering that 40% of a buildings energy can be lost due to poor air filtration and insulation, perhaps (before you go pouring your hard earned cash out to just anyone) you should be focusing most on the type of insulation that will be protecting your home.

What is insulation?

Insulation is the barrier that your home has to protect the home itself and you inside of the home or business warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your home has the right insulation and is well designed than your home is comfortable regardless of the freezing cold or scalding hot temperatures that might be outside knocking on your door to get in.

What is spray insulation?

Spray insulation is a product of two materials that react to one another when mixed and expands between 30 and 60 times its liquid volume when it is used with a spray foam gun. This spray foam insulation can help a home to keep a consistent temperature. Considering that 56% of the energy that is used in homes is for heating and cooling, can you imagine how much more you would be paying without spray foam insulation that works well? With insulation that simply grows old and tattered easily you’re allowing heat and energy to escape right through your walls.

What is included in spray foam kits?

Spray foam tools and equipment comes in many different assortments. When you are installing spray insulation be sure that spray foam training has been obtained and you know exactly what you are renting and using.

When deciding what you should use to insulate your home, spray insulation should be one of the things that you consider first for your home and business in order to not only regulate the temperatures within your buildings but also to save the money within your pocket from being spent on heating or cooling your home or business. When so many other options need to be made in means of your home, this one should be an easy one. Contact your HVAC contractor when making these final decisions about the insulation within your home.

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