When a Company Should Outsource Web Design

A modern company will need a strong line presence and digital marketing campaign to stay competitive. While signs and posters in a city or town serve their purpose just fine, the Internet is not to be ignored. More than ever, digital communication allows companies and businesses big and small to share their brand name and communicate with consumers. New brands, opening locations, new deals or discounts, or temporary sales can all be advertised through digital marketing. This involves a variety of work, such as creating a company website with fine content generation to a social media presence and e-mail lists. Graphic design services can be used to make a website more attractive to the eye, and a professional looking, informative website can go a long way. These websites make use of search engine use, which is where SEO (search engine optimization) work comes in. SEO work, content development, and more are some of the labor that can be outsourced by a client. How might this work?

Websites and Searches

Lots of companies and brands have their own website and domain name, and this is a staple of online marketing and outreach. But designing a quality website that’s easy to find isn’t so simple. Many business clients choose to outsource this labor, and experts in web design, graphics design, and content marketing can contribute their skills to this effort. For example, a web development firm can be hired to create a client company’s website, and if the website is easy to navigate and highly educational, it can be effective for guests. These websites should also be technically proficient; websites whose videos or images fail to load may be unappealing, and online guests tend to be impatient. The website should be cleanly organized, and contact information should be available. Videos and images on the website can help make a company’s products or services clear and appealing. The same is true for online catalogs; e-commerce is on the rise, and any smart company owner will ride this trend. Online catalogs should have clear images for products, as well as relevant tags so that sorting and searching is easier. Product information and prices can also be displayed on these catalogs.

Search engines are a factor here, too. Websites get more traffic if they appear more easily in organic (done by people) web searches, so being easier to find in search engines is key. It has been found that 51% (over half) of all website traffic derives from organic searches, while just 10% comes from paid searches. A tiny 5% is social searches, and 34% comes from all other sources. SEO work is a major part of all this, and keyword-dense articles and content on a website may allow it to appear earlier and more often in a web search. Internet users may often use just the first page or two of results, and results are typically sorted by keyword density and relevancy. SEO writers are those who create keyword-dense articles on given topics, and these keyword-dense websites will have a stronger presence in search engine results. SEO work does not involve videos or images; that’s a different sort of labor. SEO writing is for the written content of a company’s website, and this can make all the difference. But what about social media?

The Power of Social Media

Some people may associate social media with frivolous online activity such as selfies or updates about a vacation, but social media has used beyond that. Companies can tap into the power of such platforms as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, and to good effect. A company may create profiles for itself and advertise through this presence, as well as interact with many customers as needed. A key advantage here is that communication. A company website may be educational, but on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, a company’s online staff can regularly respond to consumer questions or comments at any time of day. Many modern consumers greatly appreciate prompt and helpful responses on such platforms, and this can help strengthen a company’s customer base. With social media, companies can share images of their new products or services at any time of day, and they can even post polls for quick data gathering purposes.

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