What You Should Know About Septic System Repair – Work Flow Management


He then says that there are many ways of dealing with biomat issues, and they vary in cost. One option is replacing your entire drain field. The expert said you would not want to end up in such a circumstance. It is not recommended to use it for a solution as it can prove costly.

Hydro jetting can be used to cleanse the header lines however it may cause significant harm. Then, he discusses terralifting, which is the process of setting up a probe along the line and then blasting compressed gas in your area in order to get rid of the biomat. This typically costs an average of $1600.

He goes on to say that you must always strive to have a healthy system for septic, by using the proper bacteria in the system at least once a month. In his video, he uses the Roebic leech as well as drains field treatment to treat his biomat issues. It is most effective when you place it inside your distribution box.

The clip concludes with the statement that the ideal way to start is with the cheapest option, and proceed to higher levels as required in the event of repairs to septic systems. qpw8c17dx2.

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