What to Know When Choosing a Medical Freezer

Once you are ready to equip your laboratory, the next great challenge is how to purchase the different appliances needed for the smooth operations of the facility. One of the most important appliances for your lab is a vaccine refrigerator. Judging by the nature and sensitivity of lab, buying a lab freezer can be quite a challenge even for the most experienced professionals in the medical field. You need to know what to look for in a lab refrigerator and not get hung up on a single factor. For example, you find that there are people who solely focus on the cost of the medical freezer and ignore other factors that ultimately affect the effectiveness of the vaccine refrigerator. Below are some of the things you should know before buying a pharmaceutical freezer.

Consider its Use
Being someone who has already practiced in medical research, there is no doubt that you already know why you need a vaccine refrigerator. In most cases, medical refrigerators and freezers tend to be highly specialized depending on their use. In a standard laboratory, you are likely to find a benchtop freezer that is used for storing common medical supplies and samples. On the other hand, the kind of medical freezers that you are likely to find in a commercial medical research center will be different. For starters, a vaccine refrigerator is specially designed for storing vaccines which means that such refrigerators must have the capacity to store the vaccines under very precise temperatures. However, not every medical refrigerator has the capacity to store vaccines especially if the temperatures cannot support the storage of vaccines. This therefore means that you should never settle for an unspecialized pharmaceutical refrigerator but rather, make sure you ascertain that the medical appliance is fit for vaccine storage.

Consider the Placement
When buying a vaccine refrigerator, you already have in mind the amount of space that is available in your facility. This therefore should guide you on the type of refrigerator that is best suited for you. When it comes to placement, you can either choose to purchase a free-standing vaccine refrigerator or a built in vaccine refrigerator. In most cases, compact units are common in facilities with limited space since they can be placed on countertops or underneath. This would mean that such units are prefect when you don’t want to sacrifice too much of your floor space. Regardless of the type of pharmacy freezer that you decide to choose, make sure that there is enough space around the unit for ventilation purposes. It is often recommended that the space between the unit and the wall be between two to four inches on all sides.

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