What to Expect From the Best Commercial Cleaning

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Your office, and most other offices in the U.S., have over 500 different types of bacteria growing and thriving in it. This bacteria loves to grow on phones, chairs, keyboards, door knobs, and more. On just one square inch of your phone, you could find up to 25,000 bacterial cells.

With as busy as we all are, no one really has time to clean this thoroughly. That’s why so many offices are searching for commercial cleaning quotes. Janitorial cleaning services are common place in large office buildings, but it is just as important for small offices to invest in these professional office cleaning services.

By getting a commercial cleaning quote or two, you could actually be saving money. Time and efficiency is crucial to most businesses. However, if employees are calling in sick, there is not much work getting done. Even worse, if that employee comes into the office they could spread the illness all over.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics informs us that the average wage of a janitor is only $10.68 per hour. Just imagine how much money you would be saving in the long run. The top commercial cleaning companies will likely have great package prices and deals for small businesses. It is definitely worth calling a few places for a commercial cleaning quote.

Typically, your basic commercial cleaning quote will cover window cleaning, pest control, carpet cleaning, bathrooms, and other typical janitor services. You can also request special additions such as electronic disinfecting, desk cleanup, etc. Your cleaning company can also lend some office cleaning tips and trick for employees between cleanings.

With almost 51,000 cleaning companies in the country in 2002, it shouldn’t be hard to find a company near you for the right price. Start researching companies in your area, and begin comparing commercial cleaning quotes. Soon your office space will be sparkling, inviting, and germ free.

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