What the NSA can Teach You About Crowd Safety

Crowd control management

Going to see your favorite band or performer is an experience like no other. Not only are you able to take part in the energy of the live performance, you are also able to enjoy the show with hundreds or thousands of other fans. But in any environment where there are several people there are risks of injury. Before you get behind the stanchions, make sure to follow a few rules.

Scout the Venue’s Exits, Restrooms and Crowd Management System

If you have never been to the venue, do a bit of recon before you go the show: find where all of the exits are, determine the quantity and placement of the restrooms, make sure the venue has a crowd management system in place. Not only will this increase your awareness if an emergency arises, you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of getting a good spot.

Go with Friends

As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Going to a concert with a group of friends can always increase your chances of safety. By having friends with you, you will have someone to watch your back for you, also it is always fun to share the concert experience with a group of your friends.

The Front can be the Most Dangerous

While many find it exciting to be as close to the stage as possible, the front of the venue next to the crowd control barriers can be the most dangerous area. Many spectators like to push to the front to be closer and rarely are thinking about anything in their way. During particularly charged moments your crowd safety could be at risk, especially if you are of smaller stature. Choose a spot in the crowd where you are safe and will be able to evacuate if the need arises.

Skip the Pit

The mosh pit, especially really rowdy ones, are places in which you take your safety into your own hands. Nothing taxes a venue’s crowd management system like hundreds of people slamming into each other.While it may seem to be fun at first,the environment can get hostile very quickly. The chances of a mosh pit turning violent are escalated especially when alcohol is involved. The unpredictability of a drunk and aggressive person is almost always a recipe for danger. It only takes one person acting in an unsafe manner to cause several injuries. Rather than getting involved in the mosh, why not pay attention to the band you came to see?

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