What The Ideal Campground Should Have For The Budding Businessowner


The United States is well known for its camping culture. Millions head out to campgrounds, forests and parks every year to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with family. It stands to reason that campgrounds have a lot to offer various businesses, from camping supplies to environmental awareness groups. A camping franchise has a lot to offer American families, particularly when hot weather rolls around and people are eager to get outside and have a good time.

How Often Do Americans Camp?

Americans camp year-round, though spring and summer are the most popular seasons due to their more agreeable weather and additional free time. RVIA has estimated there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts nationwide, including occasional RV renters. There are well over 12,000 RV-related businesses in the United States and they see a combined yearly return of $37 billion. A strong campground franchise should take into account RV enthusiasts and the unique needs they have among an already large camping population.

What Are Camping Demographics?

Camping is an enjoyable activity for all ages. Recent data has showed that 60% of campers over the age of 16 were either married or living with a partner, with six out of 10 households saying at least one person in their home has gone camping recently. People frequently camp in groups, with many preferring to invite friends as well as family, and campgrounds that emphasize a safe and functional environment are highly prized.

What Do Campers Prefer On Their Trip?

While preferences vary depending on the family and budget, some commonalities have been found over time through ongoing studies. Around 50% of campers will travel less than 100 miles away from home, meaning location is highly important when looking for campgrounds or attractions. A Kampgrounds Of America study saw up to 20% of campers ranking a campsite being ‘kid friendly’ as a highly valued element. An increasingly common desire among campers is also wi-fi access — studies have seen this frequently in the top three necessities for many.

What Are Popular Camping Activities?

It’s actually rare for campers to only do one or two things on their trip. The goal is often to make the absolute most of good weather and free time, leading many to do all sorts of things while at their preferred campground. Nearly 80% of campers will participate in outdoor cooking while camping, with fishing tying into the hobby nicely. Additional activities include hiking, swimming, volleyball, boating and sightseeing. Knowing what campers like to do will help carve out the most ideal camping experience for your client base.

What Should My Campground Have?

Campgrounds are sought out as a compromise between nature and creature comforts. Child safety is very important to families, so making sure your campgrounds offer easy-to-follow trails, regular access to communication resources and safe proximity from animals is essential. An RV park franchise is becoming an increasingly viable choice due to the popularity and widespread appeal of RV culture — these campgrounds need smartly placed parking locations and accommodations to stay relevant. With camping still seeing millions turning out in droves, you can expect to see plenty of business for years to come.

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