What Secure Payment Options Does Your Business Offer Its Customers?

Secure payment solutions

The frantic phone call came in about ten minutes before the Saturday evening closing time. Caught off guard by an earlier than normal scheduled high school graduation party, one of your best customers called for a quick gift idea. After asking a few quick questions you were able to suggest the perfect gift idea. Aluminum water bottles, available in a variety of colors, with a little extra cash on the inside. And after getting the credit card number from the customer over the phone you were able to complete the purchase and hand deliver the gifts to the front door so that your customer could be on her way. You provided bows, not wrapping, so she could slip the extra cash gift inside.
Maintaining small businesses customers takes some extra finesse. While many large companies no longer take mail order/phone order (MOTO) requests, many smaller businesses field these requests on a daily basis. MOTO card processing, in fact, is still a very viable card not present transaction for many companies. For customers who do not have the internet, MOTO card processing allows a variety of purchases options.
Secure Payment Systems Provide Flexible Shopping Options for Customers
the latest statistics indicate that global e-commerce desktop sales generate $931,490 every 30 seconds. Another $269,683 in sales is generated through mobile devices. In fact, without MOTO card processing and the card not present transactions it is difficult to imagine how a business could survive. Customers want, and expect, a variety of payment options. While they may have time to look at your merchandise online, they do not always have time to make a physical visit into your brick and mortar store.
Payment processing services allow customers to buy what they want when they want it. And secure payment solutions create a sense of comfort and safety in those purchases. Whether your customers are purchasing aluminum water bottles as graduation gifts or new computer software online, MOTO card processing and other card not present processes create fast transactions.
Tracking the Success of Online Payment Systems Indicates a Continuing Trend
As an online contract writer you have automatic paydays once a week. Conveniently, a payment processing system like PayPal allows your employer to make a direct deposit into your account on a scheduled basis. This money can remain in the PayPal account, be transferred to a savings or checking account, or can be spend on merchandise and services on a variety of sites.
If you are receiving payments through a pay processing system like PayPal you are not alone. In fact, a 2014 survey indicated that PayPal was the most popular service payment service with a nearly 80% usage rate. Confident in the security and reliability of these types of payment services has eliminated the need for many other more complicated processes. These payment processing systems also provide detailed summaries of all of the funds that are both deposited and withdrawn. At tax time, the necessary information is a simple click away.
Where Do You Complete Most of Your Shopping?
If you are like most consumers, you rely on the internet to shop, compare prices, and purchases many of the items that you want and need. Although some still rely on the process of running store to store to check availability and prices, the growing majority does much of the busy work of shopping online. For instance, 48% of consumers already know which online store they will make they purchase from. The quick convenience of the internet, however, makes price comparisons a simple task. Checking out the prices on competitor’s sites may not yield a better purchase price, but it may provide access to free shipping or other incentives. Nothing, however, slows down an online purchase more than a payment processing system that dumps you out of the system before the purchase is complete. In fact, a one time failed or confusing payment process is a quick track to losing a customer.
whether you own a large or small business, and whether that business offers goods or services, the payment processing solutions that you offer your customer may be what actually makes the sale. Secure, convenient sites that process payments quickly will encourage customers to return to your site again and again.

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