What Is Zinc Die Casting And What Are Its Benefits?

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Across all sorts of industries, zinc die casting is used to create essential equipment components. But what exactly does it mean to die cast zinc, and what are the benefits of using this material over other options? The answers to these questions may prompt you to seek out zinc die cast manufacturers in your area.

What is die casting?

Essentially, zinc die cast manufacturers (along with manufacturers who use materials like aluminum, copper, or tin alloys) make their products by exerting a high amount of pressure on molten metal materials and forcing those materials into what’s known as a mold cavity, which acts like an injection mold. Once the mold cavity is sprayed with lubricant, the dies are closed and the molten metal is injected into the mold cavity under high levels of pressure. That pressure is maintained until the metal in the filled cavity solidifies. Then, the scrap is separated from the castings in a step known as “shakeout” (these materials are often later recycled). What’s left is the finished metal part that can then be used in a number of ways.

Why is zinc used in die casting?

Magnesium, aluminum, bronze, and other materials are regularly used in die casting. So why does zinc often win out? Here are just a few reasons to do business with zinc die cast manufacturers.

  • Zinc is strong and durable, yet malleable
    Zinc resists impact a lot better than aluminum and other materials, which makes it more durable over time. It’s extremely strong and rigid but it’s also conducive to bending and riveting.
  • Zinc is environmentally friendly
    For companies who need their equipment needs met yet want to pursue more eco-friendly options, zinc die casting may be a good option. Zinc has a lower melting temperature than other kinds of metal alloys, meaning that less energy is needed to melt and cast it. In addition, zinc die cast alloys are non-toxic and the scrap metal is totally recyclable.
  • Zinc die casting is cost-efficient
    In general terms, die casting costs can be on the higher end. But tools that are made through zinc die casting typically have a longer lifespan. In fact, it can be 10 times greater than components made with aluminum die casting. When you consider that over the long term, zinc is usually a better investment.

When your business relies on metal components to conduct daily operations, die casting is often the ideal solution. But more specifically, zinc die casting can allow these components to last for far longer — and make a positive environmental impact in the process.

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