What Is Cremation Jewelry, And Why Should I Choose It?

Pendant for ashes

It’s an unfortunate reality of life that someday, there is a great likelihood that we will all be responsible for carrying out a loved one’s final wishes. An already difficult task has seemingly been made harder by the fact that there are many different ways to lay a person to rest in the modern age. Few, however, have ability to both honor the departed and comfort those left behind like an ash keepsake. Let us answer a few of the questions surrounding this method of saying goodbye without forgetting.

What Does “Ash Keepsake” Even Mean?

Ash keepsake is an umbrella term that can cover a variety of different ash containers; they can be everything from an urn, which is what most people initially think of, to something as creative as a cremation pendant. Although cremation was once seen as little more than an alternative to traditional burials by the American public, the national cremation rate has jumped by 20% in the past decade according to the Cremation Association of North America. It’s true that ashes can and often are scattered … but until they are scattered, they need to be kept somewhere. Furthermore, many people wish to keep at least some of their loved ones’ ashes.

What Is Cremation Ash Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is the method of commemorating someone through everything from cremation necklaces to bracelets. Some believe that memorial necklaces for ashes and other cremation jewelry are new products; however, they happen to have a rich history. Since the sixteenth century, people have used mourning jewelry, keeping a part of the person they love most with them. They came into true fashion during the Victorian era, and have experienced a resurgence in popularity more recently. Some of this may have to do with the fact that keepsake jewelry helps the bereaved move on in their own time, without the pressures a traditional burial or funeral might come with.

Why Do People Choose Cremation?

Cremation is still controversial in certain religious circles, but there’s no need for it to be. The fact is that people choose cremation for a variety of reasons … some of them, in fact, religious in nature. Many have recently decided that they wish to be cremated due to a concern for the environment. For example, Americans bury 1 million steel caskets every year, none of which are biodegradable. Some are also concerned for their friends and family, as traditional funerals can be extremely expensive.

Just as the reasons why people choose to be cremated are diverse, the reasons why they or their loved ones might choose cremation jewelry are extremely personal. Some appreciate the fact that they will always be “close” in a sense to their friends and family; some just find it to be easier than saying a more permanent goodbye. No matter what the reason, it is an option … and a very valuable one.

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