What Do All The Best Sales People Have In Common?

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Every month, another “HOT TIP” rolls off the content assembly line promising to reveal the “SHOCKING” trait the “BEST” sales people have that you don’t. Unfortunately, none of these articles ever seem to agree on what exactly that shocking trait or quality or habit is exactly. So what are the ultimate shocking secrets to selling according to the sales blogs? Here’s a rundown of the traits touted as the number one most essential, most critical, absolutely crucial quality shared by the top-earning sales people…

1. The Best Sales People Are Negotiators

According to StartupSmart.com.au, the area that’s most “critical” to sales people of all kinds? Negotiation skills. Unfortunately, most people stopped reading this pearl of wisdom after the Google definition for “negotiate” was quoted. Of course, we can’t deny that negotiation skills are crucial to success in all types of sales jobs, but is it as important as…

2. The Best Sales People Know Things About Personal Branding That You DON’T

What do the best sales people know about personal branding? Everything, according to one Huffington Post writer. After the “age of digital dawned,” apparently “personal branding was taken to a whole new level.”

Again, we have to agree with this piece of advice. Specifically, the piece suggests learning how to curate good content on your social media accounts, blogs, or even podcast.

3. The Best Sales People Know How To “Shift Your Mindset”

At FastCompany, one CEO writes that the BEST thing sales people can do to stay relevant in the digital age is “shift your mindset.” Unfortunately, she’s not referring to some kind of Jedi Mind Trick to guarantee that “Yes,” but a shift to a more “digital mindset.” We hope this piece of advice has circulated by now, but in case there are any sales people out there who haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s time to go digital.

4. The Best Sales People Have The Best Sales Jobs

Sales people at ten top tech companies all have one thing in common — they make way more money than you do. Business Insider runs down the tech companies with the highest paying sales jobs, which include giants like Cisco and Microsoft, whose sales teams get paid upwards of $200,000 after commission.

5. The Best Sales People Are Nice

Finally, over at LinkedIn, Stacey Alcorn with LAER Realty Partners shares an “UNBELIEVABLE” lesson about what 7-figure sales people have in common. Specifically, she argues that high-earning sales people are altruistic, adopting a share and share alike mindset that ultimately yields results.

What did we miss? Are there any more ULTIMATE tips for sales people?

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