What Cloud Service Will Complement Your Company?

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As a business grows, so does its data center. The expenditure of maintaining a competent data center infrastructure can be costly no matter what method is used, but the right method can make accessing the company’s data easier for all employees. It is called the cloud, and anyone with a Wi-Fi connection today has used it at one point or another. The average person has used the cloud to upload photos remotely, for example. But it has further uses. Here is how it can help big businesses.

Cloud Services Brokerage Connects You With Your Own Personal Cloud Consultants.

For people who work in information technology (IT), the term “cloud” makes perfect sense. These individuals understand exactly how the cloud works, and what requirements their place of employment needs. This is perhaps unsurprising, because today about 35% of IT services are delivered at least partially by cloud.

For the many business workers not fluent in IT, it is necessary to ask for help. When a business hires a cloud services brokerage to help them choose the right cloud service, it means there will be a cloud consultant to present them with the pertinent information to make the best choice. For example, one survey on the cloud communications of different companies showed that about 57% used private cloud service, about 60% used public cloud services, and 19% used a hybrid of the two.

Private, Public, Hybrid: A Cloud Services Brokerage Understands What Your Company Needs.

To clarify, a private cloud infrastructure provides storage to a single source, with accessibility for all the users within that approved organization. Public cloud services provide storage to multiple sources. Both are provided cloud service by an outside infrastructure. If it is unclear which is preferable, a cloud service broker can advise.

Choosing one over the other may not be necessary. There are some companies that choose to have some information only accessible by private cloud, and the rest is stored in a publicly accessible cloud. This arrangement may be preferred by particularly large organizations with employees located in many different locations.

Get a Second Opinion for Something That Will Effect Everyone.

The point of the cloud is to allow employees to access the data they need from anywhere, with ease. While about 70% of Chief Information Officers do take part in choosing a cloud service, not every company has their CIO make the final decision. It never hurts to get a second opinion, especially from a specialist as the buying process can be a large expenditure. Consider Google: the megalith spent an estimated $21 billion on cloud service infrastructure in 2013.

Remember, cloud services are meant to make things easier for everyone. By allowing information to be accessed freely, employees can make informed decisions in their day to day tasks. But if the idea of comparing cloud services seems overwhelming or rife with potential pitfalls, consult a cloud services brokerage firm.

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