What Are The Weirdest Ways To Get Your Daily Coffee Fix?

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What are some of the most unique — and sometimes even off-the-wall — ways of getting your daily caffeine fix? Coffee is one of the most lucrative industries in the world; in fact, internationally, people average more than 550 billion cups a year! More businesses are straying away from traditional coffee businesses, and exploring mobile coffee franchise opportunities and alternative coffee products. Here’s a look at the future of coffee:

Multitask With Coffee-Infused Soaps!

Do you wake up too late to brew coffee or grab a cup on the go? With coffee- and/or caffeine-infused soaps, this is no longer a problem. Caffeine is absorbed through the skin and directly into consumers’ bloodstreams. Coffee soaps pack “a crackling 200 mg of caffeine when lathered into the skin, twice the amount in that same cup of coffee,” Time magazine explains. As of it stands, however, existing brands need some work. The FDA does not currently regulate these soaps — meaning the caffeine contain is not necessarily listed. Listing this information is necessary for regular and safe use.

More Companies Bringing Coffee to Consumers

Mobile coffee franchise opportunities, such as mobile coffee vans, are sweeping through Australia, the U.K., and now, the U.S. Mobile coffee vans mix things up — bringing coffee directly to consumers, rather than depending on customers to come to them. Mobile franchises go to office buildings, conventions, job fairs, and much more. The vans offer specialty coffees and lattes, just like a local coffee shop.

Make Your Cup of Coffee a Decadent Treat

Chocolate-covered coffee beans and chocolate-covered espresso beans are rapidly gaining popularity. Consumers can purchases them in coffee shops, candy shops, and from various chocolatiers. The treat offers an even greater kick than a single cup of coffee, since both chocolate and coffee beans (or espresso beans) contain caffeine.

It’s safe to say that the coffee business is here to stay. In fact, consumers are demanding more ways to get their daily caffeine fix — and mobile coffee vans, candy shops selling chocolate-covered coffee beans, and coffee soap manufacturers are rising to the occasion. Continue.

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