What Are The Different Types And Benefits of Plastic Flexible Packaging?

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A lot of times plastic gets a bad reputation, but it can be a great and conservative way to package food and products. Modern flexible food packaging can help keep food fresh and protected from contamination; it can also reduce food waste up to 1.7 pounds according to packaging experts. In fact, only two pounds of plastic can package about 10 gallons of beverages while aluminum would require one pound extra to package the same amount. When it comes to glass jars, it would require 26 truckloads to transport goods that are equal to one truckload of plastic packaged goods.
Plastic packaging designs come in a wide variety of options. One such option is the pouch design. There are a few different types of pouch design, such as:
Shaped Pouches
Shaped flexible packaging designs allow the pouch to be shaped to match a function or brand. This is appealing to markets, such as food, pet food, and many others. These types of pouches can include press to close zippers, pull tab openings, stand-up capabilities, and more.
Stand-up pouches
Flexible stand-up pouches can be produced in any size or shape, and can be designed with a variety of different fittings and closures, such as zipper packaging. These pouches are designed to be able to stand up on their own, so you can set them on a table or counter without the worry of spilling or falling over.
Spouted Pouches
Spouted pouches are just what the name implies, pouches with a spout on the top. There are a variety of pouches available that allow for food safety, convenience, and spill control. Spouts are great for food and beverage pouches, so that the consumer can eat or drink on the go.
Retort Pouches
Retort pouches can be created as flat or standup and have reclosing options available. Retort pouches are great for packaging food that needs a longer shelf life. They are great as they use 5% less packaging material, sterilize at a lower temperature, and sterilize in less time than cans.
When you are choosing your packaging options, plastic is an important option to consider. Many options are available including the many types of pouches, such as shaped pouches, stand-up pouches, spouted pouches, and retort pouches. They come with many different size, closing, and spout options and each is able to be fully customized to best fit your packaging needs.

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