What are Dentures and False Teeth? – Choose Meds Online

You can smile, and eat foods you want. The video below explains how complete dentures work as well as how to construct false teeth.

Complete dentures, also known as complete dental implants, are a replacement for all teeth in the mouth. First, remove any damaged or decayed teeth. After that, you can place temporary dentures to wear until your gums heal completely.

A permanent denture is made once your gums heal and are in their final location. There will be several appointments during a number of months. It is necessary to have impressions taken and additional custom work so the final product totally fits your mouth.

At these times during these visits, you’ll also figure on the aesthetics and functionality of your dental implants. Your dentist will assist you to in ensuring that your bite is at ease, and the color and design match your personal preferences.

Complete dentures are fixed to your mouth with suction. You can utilize an adhesive for keeping it in place either at the upper or lower end in your mouth. If there is any issue in your dentures you are able to return them to the dentist for modifications.

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