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Mobile app design

Did you know that 80% of internet-using adults own smartphones? No longer is the internet primarily accessed through desktop computers or laptops; in our on-the-go culture, the most common way to access the internet is through cell phones. Even Google is hopping on the smartphone bandwagon: beginning April 21, 2015, Google search results will be categorized in favor of mobile-friendly sites. Web technology is going mobile and, as web development trends increasingly favor smartphone access, websites must utilize mobile-friendly, innovative web design in order to be successful.

Design on the Go
In order to be accessed through smartphones, a website’s design must be mobile-friendly; it needs to be simple, professional, and easily navigable. Designing websites can be time-consuming and difficult, especially with mobile web design in mind. If you are unfamiliar with coding and web design, one of the easiest solutions is to simply have a professional web design agency do the work for you. Web design services use innovative web design to create user-friendly, professional websites that are accessible through all devices.

Consider Apps
Certain web design agencies not only offer their services for websites, but also for app creation. If there is a major service or company, there is likely an app for it. With over 800,000 apps available for Android devices and over 900,000 for Apple devices, apps are an easy way to create mobile-friendly content, and the possibilities are endless. Users can use apps to check their accounts, shop, play games, and browse social media. Apps generally load much quicker than the standard web page, which is important, considering that 40% of people will exit a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you’re using for a way to easily take advantage of smartphone popularity to bolster the success of your business, an app is certainly one of the best ways of going about it.

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