Web Design Trends of 2015 5 Terms To Know

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To paraphrase an 80s teen idol: The internet moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could get caught in an awkward conversation with your web design company wherein you have to nod and pretend you know what “flat design” means.

So if you’re trying to stay abreast of the latest goings on in the world of website design, here are the latest terms you need to stay in the know.

Flat Design: If you want to see the most famous example of flat design in 2015, just visit Google’s home page. The newly redesigned Google icon is a perfect example. Gone is the serif font, the drop shadows, and anything else suggesting three dimensions. Flat design is the web design trend of the moment, and it’s defined by a rejection of gradients, textures, drop shadows, and all other flourishes that create a 3D perspective. Even website designers who are sick of flat design agree that it’s not going anywhere.

Material Design: This new web design trend is emerging as an alternative to flat design in 2016. While it incorporates many of the same design elements as flat design, it doesn’t totally reject drop shadows and that 3D point of view. While Google’s logo is a great example of flat design, Google has mostly favored material design in its other offerings. Material design uses shadows, depth, angles, and movement to create a more realistic image.

Parallax Scrolling: Running directly counter to the concept of flat design is parallax scrolling, a technique specifically designed to create a sense of 3D depth. In short, a stationary or slow moving background image is used to give the illusion of depth when objects in the front of the screen scroll faster. while it can be used to great effect, it can also be overused and distracting.

Click To Call Marketing: This isn’t strictly speaking a web design trend, but we’ve seen more of an integration of web design and other web services in 2015. No longer can web designers ignore the other needs of a website, like the need to generate leads or convert clicks to commerce. And among web services, click to call marketing is taking over. In short, this web services trend tries to convert online traffic in to real-life phone calls, as its often easier to close sales over the phone. Often accomplished using pop-up notification bars, this is a web services innovation you’ll hear a lot about in 2016 — we guarantee it.

Long Scroll: You may have noticed that more and more websites are specifically designed in such a way as to encourage downward scrolling. In fact, many landing pages are designed to present a user with all the information they could need without clicking anything. Long scrolling is another gift of the focus on mobile-friendly layouts, and it’s not likely to disappear in 2016 either.

For those looking for further reading in expanding their web services knowledge for the new year, you can Google terms like “Responsive Design,” “UI Design,” and “Card Layout.”

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