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We offer you the best industrial shipping container solutions for every job. But what are shipping containers primarily used for? A shipping container is a piece of equipment that is used for shipment, storage and handling in a variety of businesses. In many cases, they range from large reusable steel boxes to corrugated boxes. Most of the time, they are useful when it comes to moving raw materials that will later be used by a business to create the products we see on shelves all across the country. Without shipping containers, it would be impossible for many of us to have the goods that are marketed to us. Shipping containers are usually made to create cheaper business, making it easy for businesses to obtain the supplies that keep them going.

What You Need to Know About Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are meant to hold many supplies. Your standard 20′ shipping container holds about 1,150 cubic feet. This means it could hold approximately 3,596 shoe boxes in total! They are also meant to be sturdy, which can lead to them lasting for a very long time. With regular paint and maintenance, you can expect to have the same shipping container for well over 20 years. Some people choose to use shipping containers as their house method of choice because they can lead to somewhere around 40% in savings! Not only that, but your standard container could withstand winds of about 100MPH. After about 10 to 15 years of use, a shipping container tends to be recycled way before its time. Many people tend to re-use these containers as their homes because they feel as if they are saving on resources, in a sturdy way that is right for their needs.

Many more people are choosing to build their homes out of shipping containers because they are durable. Steel shipping containers average about 25 years and require little maintenance. They are also mobile and stackable, which leads to more options in your home choices. We offer industrial shipping container solutions and can help you make the best choices when you are looking for options in your business or new home. Call the experts today.

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