Want Clearer Skin And A Cleaner Shower? Get A Better Water Filter

Water filtration systems

Water filtration systems are essential technology used to purify and soften the water we use to clean, cook and bathe with. When your shower is showing signs of scum or your tap water tastes a little funny, it’s time to look into household water softener systems and get a home water treatment. Below are some fun facts and essential tips on the benefits of clean water, ranging from home solutions to ideas on creating a healthier you!

Fun Facts

Did you know the human body is composed of 60% water? It’s the essence of life! Everything from proper bodily functions to clear skin to healthy nails require a consistent in-take of clean water. You need about three liters of water per day to support healthy brain function and blood flow. About 20% of your daily water intake comes from foods, to boot!

Water Usage In America

Most Americans get their tap water from a public water system. That’s almost 300 million people! It’s thought that over 300,000 million gallons of fresh water are used every day in the United States alone. Unclean drinking water is the number one cause for epidemic diseases in some countries, so staying on top of proper filtration systems is crucial!

Creating Cleaner Water

When there are over 2,000 water contaminants that can get into your everyday drinking water, you need up-to-date water filtration systems to stay ahead of the curve. Most tap water contains fluoride to help keep your teeth clean, though too much can cause your bones to weaken. While lead has been outlawed due to the harmful effects it has on the nervous system, some older piping methods still carry traces that need to be caught in filters. Now that you’ve learned a few new things, how can you keep your water clean?

Water Filtration Systems

Water softeners reduce materials in your drinking water that can cause ‘hard water’, which is the white or gray scum build-up in your shower or sink. The best water softeners are often built into your home or apartment’s filtration system to work constantly, though you can equip a filter onto the tip of your faucet or shower head. Pregnant women and children need to be especially careful with their drinking water, as contaminated water can cause delays in essential physical development and even learning disorders. There are many solutions for clean water available, so arm yourself with knowledge and drink with confidence!


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