Using Paper Statements? Here are Three Reasons Your Company Should Use Online Billing Services

Online billing services

Does your company send out paper statements to billing customers each month, in addition to handling your own printing and mailing services? Is statement processing a confusing and tedious task each month? If you answered yes, then there is an alternative for your business: using online billing services to handle payments from your clientele each month. In fact, if you are unable to administer this service yourself, you can actually use outsourced billing services to handle these responsibilities for you.

What kinds of advantages can online billing services offer your customers? Here are some of the biggest benefits that outsourced electronic billing services can have for you and your clients. Electronic billing is…

    1. Environmentally friendly: One bonus of electronic billing systems is that they eliminate the need for paper statements. By avoiding printing bills and other information, your company can save approximately 11.5 cents per statement. Online billing also removes the need to post mail, which saves money on postage in addition to cutting down on the amount of mail needing to be sent across your city, state, or country. Fewer mail trucks traveling on the road means less impact on the environment.

    2. Convenient: Your customers will thank you for offering a fast and easy way to pay their bills online. Because credit card payments are simple to make online, your customers won’t have to call to pay over the phone, which removes the need for additional staffing for you, and it also reduces the number of checks they have to send in the mail. This safe and simple option helps everyone send and receive payments on time, too, reducing stress for you and those paying their bills.

    3. Tailored to your business: Outsourced billing services can be used for any type of company, even those you wouldn’t think outsource billing. For example, medical billing, which requires special knowledge of codes and fees, can be handled by a company that specializes in billing services. Utility billing can also be outsourced. Any type of billing can be utilized by an outsourcing company, and all can offer the convenience of online billing, too.

Want to know more about how online billing services? Talk to a billing company about your business’s options. You can also leave a comment below for general information.

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