Used Shipping Containers Serve a Variety of Purposes

Used shipping containers for sale ct

The winter festival is a favorite event in the city. With a new layer of snow, the community members are even looking more forward to riding the sleigh pulled by horses, ice skating on the outdoor rink, and looking at all of the ice sculptures. In the midst of the beautiful snow and all of the festivities, however, is the fact that it is cold. Some would say frigid. Fortunately, the city has purchased several shipping containers for sale and has equipped them with heat. These portable warming stations are sometimes as popular as the other festivities.
Steel cargo containers serve a variety of purposes, from their initial uses of shipping and storing, to serving as homes, offices, and shelters. The fact that the Container Auction reports that shipping containers that are well taken care of with regular maintenance can last for a total of 20 years means that these structures can serve a variety of purposes beyond their intended use.
Unfortunately, only 6 million of the 17 million shipping containers around the world are in use. This means that as many as 11 million are unused. Containers that could be put toward the purpose of providing homes and shelter for people around the world. With this many unused containers is should not be a surprise that there is a growing market for shipping containers for sale. From construction companies who are looking for a mobile office option to retailers who are looking for onsite weather proof storage, finding the right kind of shipping and storage containers can solve many problems.

Shipping by Sea Remains the Most Affordable Option

As retailers sell out of some of the hottest gift items this summer, logistics engineers around the country know that the stock that stores have is a result of orders that where placed months, sometimes more than a year, ago. The reason that so many of these items were ordered so long ago is that many of these products were made overseas and were then shipped to the U.S. on container ships. In fact, 95% of the world?s cargo moves by ship. Because of higher costs for other shipping methods, in most cases it still makes more financial sense to transport goods in high volume ships. This method, however, takes a long time.

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