Understanding the Rise of Telemedicine – Greg’s Health Journal

Recently, due to the pandemic of covid-19. This is the reason one reason that telehealth has seen an increase in demand. Through this clip, you will take a closer look into what telemedicine really is and how its popularity is really exploding in recent decades. The video will explain that this is the process of using digital technology in order treat patients. A meeting could be held over the telephone or on the computer , with a physician, for example.

Telehealth services are becoming more common. According to IBIS World, the revenue has increased by 34.7 percentage per year. This rate of growth is predicted to surpass double by 2026. Because people felt the need to be able to talk with other people, the increase was in part due to the pandemic. Even though the pandemic was over, many people continued to use telecommuting because of the ease and convenience it offered. Also, it takes some pressure off health care workers.


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