Top tips for leasing warehouse space

Warehouse space for rent tampa

Finding a warehouse to rent can be overwhelming…we get it. Sometimes it’s tempting just to pick the first one you find and get it over with. But that is not the smartest option because there are a lot of things to consider when leasing commercial property. Below are our top tips for what to look for and the questions to ask before you commit to renting a warehouse.

Do I need a climate controlled space?
Keep in mind that leasing commercial property with heating and air conditioning included is not always a given. If there is not one currently in the unit, ask the landlord if you can have one installed and if there is one there, make sure you get it inspected before you sign any paperwork.

What exactly am I paying for?
Leasing commercial property is not cheap so make sure you are one hundred percent clear on what you are spending money on. Ask about additional expenses that may be incurred and what you are responsible for out of pocket versus what the landlord or insurance will cover.

How big is the space?
Determining warehouse space needs is key before leasing a warehouse. It may sound obvious but make sure you have enough room for what you need. Some units may measure their square footage based on the outside wall or area underneath the unit as well so clarify what space you are actually getting.

What loading areas are available?
If you need to import or export materials on a regular basis while leasing commercial property, having an easy to access loading area is essential. Evaluate your options (we recommend doing this in person instead of just confirming with the landlord on the phone). This is especially important if you have large vehicles that need to access the warehouse or a specific size loading dock.

Is it secure?
24 hour security and maintenance is a major bonus to any industrial space. Knowing that your products (and even your people) are safe day and night makes a major difference. Plus, when it comes to maintenance, it is a huge stress off of your shoulders to know that your landlord has any problems taken care of and you are not responsible for handling maintenance issues yourself. Of course these added features will cost more money but are most likely worth it in the long run.

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