Three Ways You May Be Compromising the Security of Your Key Boxes

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Sure, key boxes are great tools to properly secure your business’s and your clients’ keys, but they’re not perfect, fool proof devices. What’s the point of investing in key lock boxes if you’re only going to leave them unsecured?

Instead of making the same mistakes as other companies, follow these tips to make sure your key boxes are as safe as can possibly be.

Don’t Put Them Outdoors.

If your key boxes are outdoors, what’s to stop someone from coming up and trying to break into them? It sounds a little obvious, but if at all possible, try to put them indoors. Now, some companies that use key boxes can’t afford to do that, like realty companies. However, if you have to put them outside, make sure they’re somewhere un-obvious, someplace discrete.

Layer the Protection.

If you can install your key boxes inside, make sure they’re in a room that can lock. The best way to secure anything is to layer on the protection. If anything, put them in private offices, so that there are as many locked doors between the key boxes and any potential intruders.

Install Them In or Near Areas of High Volume Traffic.

During office hours, those doors are probably not going to be locked, so you need to put them someplace where the business experiences a high volume of traffic. This might not seem logical, since most people would think that they want their key boxes completely out of sight indoors if possible. However, it’s much more difficult for intruders to break into key boxes that everyone keeps passing by.

Basically, the best place to put key boxes is in the main office, if possible. There’s always someone around to keep an eye on it during office hours, it’s locked away at night, and it’s indoors. What more could you ask for? Read more about this topic at this link.

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