Three Services You Didn’t Know to Ask Your Office Moving Company About

Commercial office furniture installation

So your office has to relocate: now what? Chances are your business will require more than just moving. While most companies tend to think of relocation as the only task involved in a move, there is often much more to it than that. While you are paying movers to actually move your furniture and office equipment from one location to the other, there may be a few other services that office moving companies can offer your business.

Just what else might you need as you prepare for your commercial move? Here are three other services that office moving companies should be able to offer you:

    1. Office Relocation Project Planning: Easy office moves can only come about as the result of excellent planning. No matter how or when you’re moving, it’s important to get started as soon as possible by developing checklists and other office relocation guides to prepare for the change. Get employees involved by showing them photos or blueprints of the new space, and make sure that everyone is aware of deadlines for moving personal items or transferring files to cloud storage. If you’re not sure how to go about developing your office relocation plan, as your moving company what you might be able to do.

    2. Facility Decommissioning and Office Furniture Installation Services: Once you are ready to move, you’ll have to do more than pack a few boxes. Furniture needs to be dismantled and IT and phone systems need careful storage in order to survive the trip to the new office. Make sure that you have a professional service doing this packing for you to cut down on frustration or reduce the risk of damaging valuable equipment. Similarly, you’ll need help setting up furniture and technological devices when you arrive at the new location. Make sure that your moving company doesn’t just move items but will assist you in getting started in your new office as soon as possible.

    3. Storage, Warehousing, and More: Finally, for businesses that have had to downsize or are trying to simplify their offices, there are other services that moving companies can offer to help achieve this goal. Many companies will offer self storage or perform warehousing duties for your business. Be sure to ask about these services if they are needed.

Have more questions about working with one of the office moving companies in your area? Get in touch with a company that will provide the warehousing, planning, and furniture installation services your business needs. You can also leave a comment below if you have more questions about how to successfully relocate your business.

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