Three Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing 2014

Wondering how to get how more hits on your website or how to up your marketing game? Try using video marketing! Advertising companies have been increasingly been incorporating the digital aspect into their marketing, which includes the use of corporate videos or marketing videos.

Why should I use videos in my marketing plan?

  • Visual Stimulation

    In today’s highly visual world, video marketing effectiveness is high; if your video is engaging, potential customers could spend up to two minutes longer on your website. Video marketing helps hook your customers. Once that’s done, it’s easier to engage them in a conversation or discussion about the products or services being offered.

    Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility.

    Videos can be viewed from a number of different devices–from desktop computers, to tablets, to cell phones. Thanks to video marketing, your advertising can be carried anywhere and viewers can access your website from wherever they are.

    Longevity and cost effectiveness.

    Unlike print advertisement, like magazines or newspapers, digital videos stay around the Internet for a very long time, usually without much additional cost to the promoter. Video promotion is a much more cost effective (and convenient) marketing tool for the individual or company.

How will I know if videos increase my marketing success?

  • Online Tracking

    Thanks to online apps, there are now a myriad of ways to track your stats, like website hits or increased traffic. Your company or analyzing agency can easy access an app (many are free) that will analyze or calculate the data.


    In many cases, using videos allows for a comment section, where people can leave feedback or suggestions. This generates more attention for your company or content, but also lets you loosely track how many people have visited your site and found content interesting enough to engage with.

    Search Engine Ratings

    If your site is generating a lot of attention online, people are linking back to your website. This means that depending on the search relevancy and the number of times your page has been linked back to, search engines will boost your site towards the front.

The statistics of increased success with video marketing are on your side; a survey done by Retail Touchpoints cites a 174% increase in the likelihood of purchasing when shoppers viewed advertising videos. Companies are catching on quick: in the next five years, video marketing is predicted to be 1/3 of advertising spending worldwide. Join the trend and see your business boom! Read more here.

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